Dear readers,


I realise that I have been a bit remiss in explaining how I came to be writing to you here.


You see the Order of Arcadium, like most old organisations, is trying to adopt new ways and technologies to communicate with our members.  I had assumed, incorrectly I fear, that most were already familiar with me and my role.


Having said that, if you are new to the Order of Arcadium, a very sincere and warm welcome to you!


The Order, being one of the older member organisations in existence (established in 1412 or 1475 depending on who you ask – but more on that later!) has a long and storied history and it is now my great honour to be the Lore Master of our esteemed Order.


As most established members of the Order (AOs) would already know, as custodian to the storied history of our Order, I cannot reveal to you my actual name due to the Naamloos Clause (also referred to as the Nameless Clause) of the Absondern Edict of 1620. If you are not familiar already with the Absondern Edict, I shall likely cover that topic at a later time.


As for me, by way of an introduction, I have been with the Order for many years and am, perhaps unsurprisingly, a very proud member of the House of Älvkran. Like many of you, I began my journey at Arcadium with adventures beyond the portals. For many years, this has been the primary focus of my time with the Order. I have also spent some time in the past working on cases with the Department of the Obfuscated, but for many years my focus has been on the Archives and ensuring that the Arcadium histories are conserved for future adventurers.


Outside of Arcadium, I have had the great privilege to spend some time living across 3 continents and when not researching or on adventures myself, I am an enthusiastic reader, coffee drinker and lover of dogs.


I wish for this to be an inclusive, welcoming and open space for questions about the lore of Arcadium. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to share them with me. I will always endeavour to answer them to the best of my abilities or research further where more research is required! In the future, I hope to share polls to help understand what you all wish to learn about most about the world of Arcadium.


Once again, I am honoured to be the Lore Master at Arcadium and cannot wait to share some of its fascinating histories with you.


Stay curious,

E. L. L., MCAO