Shield with a 5 Petal FLower on top and 6 white stars with the letter 'A' in its centre. Beneath the shield reads a scroll, 'Blessed be the curious for they shall find adventures"


Dear Adventurers,


A reminder to each of our members that we continue to migrate materials from the Archives online.

As a member, you have access to these resources for your own further education, which can be accessed here or upon login through your account.

As I explore the Archives, I am reminded that there remain still many secrets of the Order to be discovered, although I suppose that is to be expected with an organisation of the age of the Order.

With so many centuries of information to parse through, the journey as Lore Master often involves finding more questions than answers.

For example, I recently stumbled upon some texts in a language that I could not immediately translate. A scanned copy of one of the articles I have included for your interest below.

At first, I actually believed that it might be a code of some kind but having shared the script with some Analysts in the Investigations Bureau was assured that it was much more likely to be a language. I am confident that somewhere in the Archives will be some kind of Rosetta Stone to make sense of this message and I assure you all that I am most eager to discover it, in whatever form it may exist.

As always, I am keen to hear from members from across the world. One of the great joys of this role is being able to share with others of like-mind the curiosities of the Order and hear about their own adventures and theories. The best way to contact me is to leave a comment here or send an email to


Stay curious,




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