Welcome to the Order of Arcadium


The Order of Arcadium was established for those adventurers most committed to discovering the secrets and mysteries of Arcadium.


All adventurers admitted to the Order are bright and brilliant having proven themselves through our adventures. Each member brings to the Order their own unique characteristics and is sorted into Houses to bring those of like-mind together.

The Histories

Learn more about the histories of the Order of Arcadium with this brief timeline.

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The Houses

Each new member to the Order of Arcadium is encouraged to select a House. This becomes their community at Arcadium and may lead to special offers and opportunities based on the specific strengths and characteristics of each House. You can meet and speak with other members of your House by joining their respective forums online.

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Stay up to date with research and news with notices from the Lore Master, E. L. L. (MCAO)

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