As previously reported, there have been some reports of unnatural detections coming from the Member’s Lounge at the Brisbane Chapter. Most recently, we had to undertake some shuffling of the team at Arcadium after my colleague, Joie, was afflicted with something very curious indeed…


She was recently in the area, although it has recently been closed off for investigation so no one is quite sure why she entered or what she was looking at or for, but when she emerged she was speaking nonsensically but otherwise appeared entirely unharmed! It was not even clear if she was aware that she wasn’t speaking in a way that we could understand – or at least, not in a way that any of my fellow guides or myself could understand. She was quite as confused as she was confusing!


The incident at first was quite striking but after consulting the Archives we recalled Vedilalia Mainesthai or the Zany Affliction; a well-documented affliction that is known to impact all Adventurers that enter the Realm of Fantasy. The Zany Affliction affects all Adventurers that enter the Realm of Fantasy, which results in a particular set of symptoms upon their return through the Portals. First and foremost is that Adventurers become nearly entirely insensible for a period of time speaking only in gibberish. They also become afflicted with a kind of temporary confusion leading to exceedingly quirky behaviour and finally, a kind of amnesia settles in upon the Adventurers such that their adventures into the Realm of Fantasy come to them only as indistinct scenes of a dream.


Whilst it may sound scary, we are assured that it is not. The Zany Affliction has no lasting impacts on the Adventurers and has actually been used to great humorous affect over the years. The quirky behaviour of afflicted adventurers always errs on the side of good-hearted playfulness and does absolutely no harm to either the Adventurers or those that they interact with upon their return. It is suspected that some strong form of ‘elios‘ – the unexplained magic of Arcadium – emanating from the Realm of Fantasy is the source of the affliction.


All of this, of course, leads us to believe that there must be a portal emerging to the Realm of Fantasy somewhere inside the Brisbane Chapter!


Joie was unfortunately affected by the same amnesia that settles on all Adventurers afflicted by Vedilalia Mainesthai and so could not recall any thing of the events in question but she did have with her a note, which she had been adding to and scribbling on immediately after we discovered her skipping and singing quirkily around the Chapter.


We are hopeful that in amongst the nonsense there might be some clue as to what might have happened to her and where she might have stumbled upon the portal to the Realm of Fantasy. I’ve included a copy below in the hopes that one of our Adventurers might be able to make some sense of this mystery…


Stay curious,







Dear Adventurers,


The Seabright Tales (The Saebeorht Tales) are a collection of short stories by a man called Thomas (sometimes, alternatively referred to as Thamus). The tales are well-known by all those that inhabit the Realms of Arcadium and have been shared with Adventurers for many years.


Among the most well-known is The Four Shepherds’ Tale. A version of this story is below for your reading pleasure,


The Four Shepherds’ Tale


Long ago, four Shepherds and their neighbour, an Old Farmer, lived harmoniously on their respective lands. The Shepherds were four siblings, three brothers and a sister; Merrick, Mara, Frewyn and Fain. Each of them had eyes, dark as the boundless night sky under which they slept, and hair that was golden-brown, spun with the light of the sun under which they lived. They each loved one another as much as they loved their blessed lives.

After many years of living alongside one another in peace, one day, the Four Shepherds grew greedy and crossed the boundary to the Old Farmer’s land. When the Old Farmer discovered them, instead of anger, he looked upon the four younger Shepherds with kindness. And, perhaps because of loneliness or perhaps because of wisdom, the Old Farmer invited them to lunch.

Together, the group found an open field and sat upon a ring of stones. Here, the Old Farmer went to each of the Shepherds, one by one, observing them for a moment before giving to them each a unique selection of the food he had collected for his own meal. As he gave the final Shepherd his gift, the Old Farmer gently told all of the Shepherds that he was happy to share and only asked that they stay and share this meal together. However, the food was of a kind that the four Shepherds had never seen before and they handled the farmers gifts with great pleasure, scarcely listening to the Old Farmer’s words. 

When the Old Farmer turned to take his seat the Four Shepherds, who were young and foolish, ran away to savour their special gifts. The Old Farmer did not attempt to chase them but was filled with a sadness that broke his heart.

The Shepherds ran and ran until they cross the boundary returning to their fields. Each of them delighted with the food that they been given by the Old Farmer and admired the food of their siblings. However, in time the Shepherds became filled with guilt. The delight which they had found in their stolen foods was short-lived and with the knowledge that they had hurt their neighbour, they found that they could no longer find comfort in their own fields. They decided that they would go and apologise to the Old Farmer. The Shepherds’ first apologies were met with stony silence for the Old Farmer would not see them. The Shepherds then returned to their fields and determined that the only way to make it right would be for each of them to collect gifts for the Farmer; replacements for the food that they had stolen. However, the food that had filled them with such delight was rare and unusual and it would be no easy task. Yet, the Shepherds would endeavour to do all they could seek the forgiveness from the Old Farmer for they believed it would be the only way to return to the harmony that they had known in the past. It became their greatest fear that the Old Farmer would pass before they could be forgiven.


As connosieurs of seeking the truth behind the unbelievable tales of legendary artefacts and mysterious objects, we know that stories are often grounded more truth than it may first appear. Why this particular tale of The Four Shepherds became so popular is not well understood but we have theorised that it has served as a sort of fable for the Locals. The Four Shepherds were not punished for their curiosity about what lay in their neighbour’s fields, nor even when they wronged the Old Farmer. In the end, it was their own guilt from having acted wrongly that ruined their comfort. Perhaps there can be no greater punishment than the punishment we earn and inflict upon ourselves. Even so, perhaps what we can also take from this tale is that we may act poorly from time to time, but we can always endeavour to right our wrongs.


Do you have any other interpretations of this popular tale?

Stay curious,

The Loremaster


Pictured below: A painting by Nicolas Poussin completed between 1638 – 1639 that may depict the Four Shepherds of this tale.



Dear Adventurers,


The concept of gift-giving is an central tenet of the Order of Arcadium. Despite the research of Loremasters that came before me, we have only theories as to how this came to be such an important part of the cultural practices of the Order across the world.


Like in many cultures, it is a common practice to wrap gifts and in the past there were even particular styles used to convey different messages. For example, it was once tradition to wrap gifts in blue for those you admired. It is thought that as the pigments used to dye paper blue was so rare and used so sparingly, to use the colour blue to wrap your gift showed your particular reverence for the recipient.


There was also another practice of using white string or ribbon in wrapping your gift if you wished to say, ‘I would love to go on an adventure with you‘. In more recent times, these traditions have largely been abandoned as Adventurers moved to the use of gift cards instead. I, for one, do find the traditions sweet and would love to see a return to these practices.




The most common and traditional gifts for Adventurers are those of chocolate and tea. Chocolate having long been associated with the Order’s roots in the Founding Chapter of Tezcatlitempan and gifts of tea with the Founding Chapter of Ménkăn. Both were traditionally consumed as drinks used to fortify the spirits of Adventurers before their quests, but the practice now is very much to enjoy a block of decadent chocolate with a lovely warm cup of tea, or refreshing brew; depending on the season.


Much as they are enjoyed around the world, gifts are given for all kinds of special occasions such as birthdays, but they are also given particularly to celebrate festivities around beginnings such as New Years, New Moons and New Seasons. That is to say, these fortifying and enlivening gifts were used to wish luck and energy for those about to embark on a new adventure denoted by a new season.


I have recently heard of the practice of Adventurers giving gifts rather more spontaneously, particularly to those that they have missed over the last difficult year. For what better way is there to say, “I am thinking of you my friend and do not forget, life is an adventure every day!”



Stay curious,


The Loremaster


Digital and Remote Operation Investigative Devices


Dear Adventurers,


As many of you will be aware, the instability of the Portals continues to be an ongoing issue across all Chapters impacting our ability to explore the Realms of Arcadium.


Processes have been standardised across the Order for many years, including the strict time limit on adventures and open communication with Chapter Headquarters. In the rare instances that the Chapter is able to pick up any particularly abnormalities in the Portals, Adventure Guides are able to quickly bring back Adventurers. 


These practices have helped the Order to avoid any recent incidents but they have been informed by learning from the past. We have few records, but there are some that suggest that Adventurers have been ‘stuck’ in the Realms when Portals have closed behind them. Whilst the Order itself as its roots only in Chapters originating in the early 15th century, there is certainly conjecture that Portals may have existed for many centuries, or even millennia, before this time. In fact, there is a theory that the ‘Locals‘ of Arcadium may be the distant descendants of Adventurers that were caught beyond the Portals many centuries ago.


Our understanding of the Portals remains much of an art than a science; I would encourage you to read more here. We do not know precisely how they work but we are familiar with the usual behaviour of the Portals and have developed technologies to help us measure any changes in behaviour and use communication technologies to recall Adventurers when needed. Before these technologies existed, it would not be difficult to imagine that there would have been instances of Portals closing when Adventurers were on the other side.


While we continue to investigate the magic of the Portals, we are also working on how we can leverage even more technologies to assist in our Adventures. The Scientists are currently working on the development of a prototype Digital and Remote Operation Investigative Device, robots of a kind, that can be sent through the Portals and controlled remotely by Adventurers to explore and search for Artefacts.


These devices will be connected with the Archives and therefore have access to any information previously recorded by Adventures as well cameras and microphones for feeding live information to Adventurers. For now, they remain limited in their ability to interact with the environment with only simple ‘claw’ components.


We expect that this will allow for even more Adventurers to assist us with quests and searches beyond the Portals who may not otherwise be able to attend our Chapters and we even expect that these technologies will allow for longer Adventures, since the risk posed by the Portals closing will only result in the loss of a device. Having said that, the investment has been significant and we should not want to lose any devices if we can possibly avoid it! 


I look forward to writing to you all again soon in the near future with an update on the development and success of these new devices.


Stay curious,


The Loremaster


Prototype of the Digital and Remote Operation Investigative Device

Dear Adventurers,


I must admit that although I loathe to pick a favourite, the Realm of Mystery has always held a special place in my regard as my first introduction to the Realms of Arcadium.


Except for the Archives, the affectionately named ‘Little Study‘ in the Realm of Mystery, which in truth is not that little but indeed has seen many studies, is one of my favourite places to be. The Little Study has long been the gateway for Adventurers making their first forays into the Realm of Mystery and a meeting place for Adventurers with the Arcadium Locals. The Locals or Arkadites, of course, are the few natural inhabitants in the Realms of Arcadium. They are largely comprised of the descendants of past Adventurers; few would choose to live in so curious, but also so unpredictable, a place.The prevailing theory is that the forebears of the Locals were most likely stranded in the Realms when portals closed unexpectedly in the past, as they are apt to do.


Whilst portal technology has improved over the years, there still remains more of an art than a science to maintaining their stability, which is why we continue to advise adventures of no greater than 1 hour in duration at a time. In the past, it would make sense that some adventurers would most unfortunately have been stranded when portals closed. Moreover,  the portals are neither guaranteed to reappear in the same location either on Earth or in the Realms of Arcadium or, indeed, reappear at all; meaning that in centuries past, it’s not surprising that some Adventurers would end up stranded in Arcadium.


Interestingly, the Locals sometimes refer the themselves as the Laetassus.  Scriveners have debated the correct etymology of the term but it may come from roots meaning either ‘the glad‘, ‘the weary‘ or ‘the lesser/later’. For my own part, it would not surprise me if there is some truth in all of those meanings. If I were lost in Arcadium myself I must admit that I might at once feel a little glad but, perhaps a little weary in time; ‘the lesser’ or ‘the later‘ I am not as certain about but I find that there are few coincidences when it comes to the world of Arcadium.


Should you wish to learn more about the culture of the Laetassus, I would recommend trying to find a copy of the Seabright Tales; a collection of short stories or fables that is very popular with all Locals. Perhaps I can find some time to discuss some of these tales in further detail in the future.


In any case, if Adventurers should wish to meet with the Locals, it is typically done in the Little Study in the Realm of Mystery or at the Meeting Place  in the Realm of Magic; a cheerful tavern located at the main crossroads that lead to the Caves of Plenty and Mountains of Hundun.


As for the artefacts of the Realm of Mystery, among the most prized are the Book of Thoth, the Skull of Hevel, the Cup of Truth and the infamously lost, Pandora’s Box.


As outlined in, ‘The Adventurer’s Guide to Mysterious Artefacts‘, the Book of Thoth is a legendary book said to comprise largely of a dialogue between a person called ‘The-one-who-loves-knowledge‘ and a figure identified as Thoth.


As with all of the artefacts, there is a lot that remains unknown about the artefact known as Book of Thoth.


The Book is said to contain forty-two books or ‘chapters’ with at least one of these Chapters relating to the Elixir of Life, as was famously translated by Nicolas Flamel



Importantly, however, it is not known whether Flamel was ever in possession of the original artefact or merely one of the latter transcriptions. He himself made reference only to the ‘Emerald Tablet‘, believed to be a chapter of the Book of Thoth.


Little is known about what the other 41 chapters of the Book of Thoth may contain although records in the Archives make reference to ‘gods’ and a ‘Realm of the Dead’; Scriveners translating these ancient records have variously proposed the translation ‘Realm of the Dead’ and ‘Dead Realm’; the distinction is not entirely clear to me.


‘The-one-who-loves-knowledge’ is an interesting and most mysterious figure in this legend. The artefact has become known as the Book of Thoth because of the authorship but all of the legends suggest the knowledge contained within came from this unnamed figure. In my time in the Archives, I have come across various references to figures similar to ‘The-one-who-loves-knowledge‘. These mysterious figures are sometimes known as ‘knowledge seeker‘, ‘knowledge lover‘ or some other similar variation. There is one interesting record in the Archives that makes reference to ‘the knowledge seeker’ and then refers to that same figure as ‘the Mistress‘. Although perhaps that old translation is rather poor for our modern sensibilities; it would be more accurate to say that the record makes reference to ‘the female master’.


It is all exceptionally mysterious, is it not?


As always, I am very eager to hear all of your theories and the questions that the above raises for you. Let me know what has piqued your curiosity in the comments below.


Stay curious,







Dear Adventurers,


Always curious about the potential of new Portals, since my last notice, I went to visit the Scientists in Melbourne, Australia to learn firsthand about any Portals that may have been detected. Unfortunately, I write today without any news but the investigations are ongoing. Furthermore, my presence in Melbourne did mean that I was impacted by the Lockdown and therefore spent very little time in the Archives the month.

However, I was kept busy with some materials I received prior to my trip from the Department of the Obfuscated that continues to be busy investigating all leads they receive from Adventurers around the world. In addition to these tips, they also continue to keep a close eye on any news report or trending topics online relating to the inexplicable or mysterious. Since many of the Losian Treasures have documented powers, when any incidents or reports can be associated with any specific Treasures, the information is filed accordingly with the associated case. Should you or any fellow Adventurers come across any curious articles, please do share them with me and I will ensure they make it to the correct Analysts in the Department.  


Prior to my visit to Melbourne, I did manage undertake some further research in the Archives relating to the letter I shared with you last month.

It appears that the ‘H.’ referred to in the letter is most likely Grand Master Humphrey Chetham and that the recipient of the letter was Grand Master Alexander Knight, which would explain why the letter appeared in the Archives at all.

The most curious thing about the letter is why Grand Master A. Knight would have been consulting with Sir James Lancaster VI on the appointment of the Grand Master H. Chetham. The appointment of a new Grand Master is typically a tightly held secret among only the highest ranks of the Order; nearly always Master Companions. Although Sir James Lancaster VI was a most distinguished Adventurer, he was only a Commandeer at the time of the letter as shown by his signature.

In any case, Sir James Lancaster VI was right to trust in Grand Master A. Knight, as Grand Master H. Chetham was appointed and went on to be one of the most illustrious and celebrated of all Grand Masters of the Order of Arcadium. Among other accomplishments, Grand Master H. Chetham oversaw the Reformation, which was undertaken during his tenure.

Soon after his appointment, Grand Master H. Chetham announced that the theft of the Losian Treasures was most likely realised by Adventurers within the Order itself; a detail that was rumoured over the two prior years. Indeed, this is where the event, previously known only as the Agnieten Theft became known as the Theft of the Faithless.

During his term, Grand Master H. Chetham continued to divide his time between the Stalhof and the Manchester Chapter before eventually residing mostly at Clayton Hall where he continued to work on his part of the newly divested Archives. The Archives collected knowledge from Adventurers around the world, much of which passed through the Stalhof until at least 1666. Many of the historic buildings associated with the Manchester Chapter from which he worked remain today, although the Portals themselves disappeared by 1718.

Grand Master H. Chetham’s boundless curiosity and generosity established Chetham’s Library in his will, whereupon the Arcadium Archives were established in its lower levels and the first level was opened to the public and anyone with an inquisitive mind; “for the use of schollars and others well affected“, instructing the librarian “to require nothing of any man that cometh into the library“.

It is supposed that over the years, some of the less sensitive materials from the Arcadium Archives were eventually moved to the public sections of the library where the rest was transferred to the increasingly centralised Archives. Grand Master H. Chetham’s legacy continues on to this day with Chetham’s Library open to the public as the oldest free public reference library in the English-speaking world and its catalogue available onlinehere.


As you may have guessed, I am a great lover of knowledge and history wherever it resides, and so Chetham’s Library is on my list of places to visit once the world finds itself in a rather less precarious situation than it does at present.

With that in mind, the last year has been a challenging one for the Order as it has been for many organisations and individuals. I want to write a most sincere thank you to each of you, Adventurers, for your support and enthusiasm. I believe I am not alone when I say that this period has brought our society a new-found appreciation for community and connection and I am most grateful for this community.

In particular, as Loremaster, it is my most significant challenge to find the balance between bringing you stories of the past with sharing new discoveries from Arcadium and I am most appreciative of your support and patience as I navigate and refine this balance.

It continues to be the highlight of my adventures to receive correspondence from you all, so please do continue to send me your thoughts. If you have visited Chetham’s Library yourself, please do share with me any reflections or recommendations, they would be most appreciated! If you have any parts of the history of Arcadium you would like me to share with you next, please do let me know in the comments or via email at loremaster@orderofarcadium.com.


Stay curious,


Chetham’s Library


Dear Adventurers,

This month passed quickly as I was left largely undisturbed in the darkest and coolest areas of the Archives.

As you know, I can’t reveal too much about the location of the Archives under the Abscondern Edict, however I’m certain a description is relatively harmless!

Upon first arrival at at the Archives through its Mystika Porta,  you enter into the vestibule; a small and perfectly round chamber. The structure, removed from its original location during the Reformation, is not larger than 6 metres in diameter and the walls and floors are all made of some kind of sandstone. At the centre of the floors in the same stone are 6 carved, 6-pointed stars in a ring around a flower with 5 petals.  The chamber is  well-lit with a warm glow except for the dark dome of the roof, nearly black, which has inlaid iridescent stones that twinkle in the darkness. At the centre of the dome is an oculus, once perhaps it might have opened up to skies but in its new location has no such opportunity.

Still, it is truly a beautiful sight and I imagine, once upon a time one could have spent the day gazing upwards to watch the dome be lit by contrasting sunlight and moonlight in the most spectacular of ways.

The chamber feels at once intimate and comforting and vast and infinite. A truly magnificient room and I’m so glad that it has been safely preserved all these years.

This chamber of course, has two doors, one being the Mystika Porta and the other the entrance to the Archives beyond which I spend most of my time.

I think I shall recount the tale of my first entrance into the Archives at another time, but I can tell you that every time I step through that second doorway I am just as overwhelmed as I was the first time.

It is not just the resplendence of the space, but the sense of history; of curiosity. There is so much to discover.


In any case, this month, a single shaft of light led me to a fragile letter pressed between the pages of an ancient leather-bound tome.

It appeared to be some kind of letter dated April 1608 in London. The document is in poor condition but I have transposed elements that were legible below,


…could not have been more engaging. We share a passion for discovery  yet for a young man, I find his preference for papers and books most peculiar. I am certainly an old man yet I still long to be on adventures beyond what we know. To sail to new lands and meet with fellow adventurers with their own…

There is some fading before it begins again a quarter of the way down the page,


H. speaks with great animation of this place for the knowledge of the Order. It is an ambitious plan indeed and he assures me all his current endeavours are to this end. He is clearly intelligent, determined and although I had rather always imagined the position to be held by one with more vigour, I trust that you are without error to consider him for the role.


Should I be able to make any further enquiries on your behalf, send word.


I remain, dear Sir, your loyal adventurer,


Sir James Lancaster VI, CAO


The letter has since been moved to its chronological place in the Archives with the hopes that further contextual research will provide further insight into this specimen of personal correspondence between Adventurers.


On the surface, I have heard that the Scientists have been recording some instability in the Portals at the Brisbane Chapter of Arcadium and are simultaneously investigating the possibility of Portals somewhere in Melbourne.

It’s too soon to tell though if this will bear fruit and despite the best efforts of the Scientists we do know so little about how the Portals operate.

For example, it’s a common misconception among new members that the Portals always appear in groups – with access to each of the Realms of Fantasy, Magic and Mystery. In fact the Oud Eeds, documenting the earliest days of the Order, show definitively that it was more common place for a single Portal to appear to a single Realm in any one location. Over time, it become more common place for Portals to appear in groups, often of 2 but occasionally, 3. The occurrence has actually been quite rare until more modern times.

The Scientists think that it has something to do with the instability around the Portals that allows for the connection between our two worlds in the first place and that, in an entropic manner, whatever it is, is becoming less stable over time.

Of course, it’s also still a mystery what created the ‘Fissure’ in the first place though the prevailing hypothesis is some kind  of initial cataclysmic or ‘Big Bang’ event.

All of this change does beg the question,  “What does the future hold?”. While there is an awful lot we don’t know, we can be certain that the Portals are not in a ‘steady-state’ so change is the only thing we can be certain of occurring.


As ever, I would love to hear your theories so please send through your thoughts about either the correspondence or the ultimate fate of the Portals.

Stay curious,

E. L. L., MCAO



Shield with a 5 Petal FLower on top and 6 white stars with the letter 'A' in its centre. Beneath the shield reads a scroll, 'Blessed be the curious for they shall find adventures"


Dear Adventurers,


A reminder to each of our members that we continue to migrate materials from the Archives online.

As a member, you have access to these resources for your own further education, which can be accessed here or upon login through your account.

As I explore the Archives, I am reminded that there remain still many secrets of the Order to be discovered, although I suppose that is to be expected with an organisation of the age of the Order.

With so many centuries of information to parse through, the journey as Lore Master often involves finding more questions than answers.

For example, I recently stumbled upon some texts in a language that I could not immediately translate. A scanned copy of one of the articles I have included for your interest below.

At first, I actually believed that it might be a code of some kind but having shared the script with some Analysts in the Investigations Bureau was assured that it was much more likely to be a language. I am confident that somewhere in the Archives will be some kind of Rosetta Stone to make sense of this message and I assure you all that I am most eager to discover it, in whatever form it may exist.

As always, I am keen to hear from members from across the world. One of the great joys of this role is being able to share with others of like-mind the curiosities of the Order and hear about their own adventures and theories. The best way to contact me is to leave a comment here or send an email to loremaster@orderofarcadium.com.


Stay curious,




Exhibit 09042021-1



Dear reader,


We’ve been busy this month!   In addition to celebrating the 1st birthday of the Brisbane Chapter of the Order of Arcadium, we’ve been preparing to launch our first puzzles by post adventure, A Most Mysterious Convention, which will allow adventurers to enjoy a piece of Arcadium from wherever they are.


The first in Arcadium’s Most Mysterious Series, this experience is a most enjoyable way to spend an afternoon or evening at home and can even be  used as greeting card or gift – the perfect way to introduce your loved  ones to the World of Arcadium.


The lucky recipient will receive a package containing materials from the convention and must solve the mystery within to retrieve their secret message!


As one of our greatest supporters, we want to let you in on a secret before anyone else – ArcanaCon is indeed a mystery convention, but it is also an age old tradition, a convention if you will, by which new adventurers are recruited to the Order. Every year, members of the Order use ArcanaCon to covertly seek out the most curious individuals. The theory behind the convention is that those drawn to enigmas and mysteries may make excellent new adventurers!   


We don’t want to give too much away but we’re delighted to share just a few sneak peaks of some mockups of the convention materials with you.  


Until our next adventure, stay curious,   


E. L. L., MCAO



Dear readers,


I realise that I have been a bit remiss in explaining how I came to be writing to you here.


You see the Order of Arcadium, like most old organisations, is trying to adopt new ways and technologies to communicate with our members.  I had assumed, incorrectly I fear, that most were already familiar with me and my role.


Having said that, if you are new to the Order of Arcadium, a very sincere and warm welcome to you!


The Order, being one of the older member organisations in existence (established in 1412 or 1475 depending on who you ask – but more on that later!) has a long and storied history and it is now my great honour to be the Lore Master of our esteemed Order.


As most established members of the Order (AOs) would already know, as custodian to the storied history of our Order, I cannot reveal to you my actual name due to the Naamloos Clause (also referred to as the Nameless Clause) of the Absondern Edict of 1620. If you are not familiar already with the Absondern Edict, I shall likely cover that topic at a later time.


As for me, by way of an introduction, I have been with the Order for many years and am, perhaps unsurprisingly, a very proud member of the House of Älvkran. Like many of you, I began my journey at Arcadium with adventures beyond the portals. For many years, this has been the primary focus of my time with the Order. I have also spent some time in the past working on cases with the Department of the Obfuscated, but for many years my focus has been on the Archives and ensuring that the Arcadium histories are conserved for future adventurers.


Outside of Arcadium, I have had the great privilege to spend some time living across 3 continents and when not researching or on adventures myself, I am an enthusiastic reader, coffee drinker and lover of dogs.


I wish for this to be an inclusive, welcoming and open space for questions about the lore of Arcadium. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to share them with me. I will always endeavour to answer them to the best of my abilities or research further where more research is required! In the future, I hope to share polls to help understand what you all wish to learn about most about the world of Arcadium.


Once again, I am honoured to be the Lore Master at Arcadium and cannot wait to share some of its fascinating histories with you.


Stay curious,

E. L. L., MCAO