Shield with a 5 Petal FLower on top and 6 white stars with the letter 'A' in its centre. Beneath the shield reads a scroll, 'Blessed be the curious for they shall find adventures"

Welcome to the Order of Arcadium

The Order of Arcadium was established for those adventurers most committed to discovering the secrets and mysteries of Arcadium.


Since the earliest days of the Order, the first curious adventurers that set foot beyond the world of the familiar were enthralled by what they found and came back with tales of magic and mystery and always the hint of something more from the Realms of Arcadium.


The Realms of Arcadium are three; the Realm of Mystery, the Realm of Magic and the Realm of Fantasy. In truth, these three Realms are actually three islands that exist within the known World of Arcadium; the names being merely a remnant of a former period. From the expeditions of prior Adventurers, we know that it is in fact possible to travel from Realm to Realm across the seas of Arcadium. It is not known if there may be other islands that have not been discovered however it is believed that if there were, portals to these places would have been discovered already. The Realm of Mystery is the eastern most isle with the Realm of Magic to its western coast and the Realm of Fantasy further west again.


While the geography of each island is fairly constant, they are all associated with their own particular characteristics. Most notably, throughout the history of Arcadium, more portals to the Realm of Fantasy have been recorded than to the Realm of Magic and again to the Realm of Mystery. Likewise, more occurrences that cannot be explained by any science that we know have been recorded by Adventurers in the Realms of Fantasy and Magic than in Mystery. While some mysteries have been explained over time, there is no doubt that some of these are of a kind we do not understand. In fact, there is no question that there is something at work that we do not understand in the World of Arcadium. Of the many mysteries beyond the portals, this is among the greatest. In the Order, we have taken to calling this ‘elios‘ – the unexplained magic of Arcadium.


Some of the Locals (the Laesser, Arkadites) have even discovered ways to harness elios to perform  small acts of magic by casting ‘spells’ which are more akin to wishes in their nature. That is to say, the spells used by magic users rely upon ‘wishing’ for certain things to occur. In the Realm of Magic these spells often occur as desired although are certainly more predictable with some individuals than others. In the Realm of Fantasy though, the very same spells have somewhat unpredictable outcomes. Nonetheless, even the most powerful spells we know of from the Locals have only relatively limited effects. The true power of elios is not well understood. The Artefacts that we seek to study in the Collection are often lost relics and forgotten objects thought previously to only exist in myth and legend. They get their status in the Order of Arcadium by the spectacular tales of elios that surround them. It is believed that by studying these Artefacts, we may be understand elios and, in turn, perhaps the nature of Arcadium itself.


The Order of Arcadium exists to collect and understand the mysteries and secrets of these Artefacts. At our Chapters of the Order, teams of Adventurers (AOs) meet to venture through the Portals to Arcadium and attempt to discover and retrieve Artefacts for the Collection. Our Analysts or Scriveners (SAOs) busy themselves in the task of researching the whereabouts of even more Artefacts  and some, in our Department of the Obfuscated, are specifically tasked with the re-discovery of Artefacts long ago stolen from the Collection.


I look forward to having your assistance on this next great adventure…


Stay curious,


The 24th Lore Master


Discover more of the world of Arcadium. Learn more about the history of Arcadium and follow the writings of the Loremaster. Adventurers are encouraged to join a House of Arcadium and connect with a community of liked-minded adventurers to discuss theories.

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Adventures at Home

Love Arcadium Adventures? Love Escape Rooms? Love Puzzles & Mysteries? Arcadium’s Department of the Obfuscated will be seeking assistance from adventurers for remote and online investigations related to the Losian Treasures from the infamous Theft of the Faithless.

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Current Adventures in the Realms of Arcadium

Teams of adventurers meet at the Brisbane Chapter of the Order to attempt to retrieve evidence of these relics and sometimes, just sometimes, are cunning and clever enough to stumble across one for themselves and return it to Arcadium to add to the Collection.

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The Department of the Obfuscated

The Department of the Obfuscated is a division of the Arcadium Investigations Bureau that deals specifically with those cases related to the Losian Treasures.

Its members are adventurers called Analysts (or Scriveners, archaic) and gain the post-nominals, SAO. SAOs are responsible for the collection and analysis of various sources of intelligence in the recovery of the Losian Treasures. They may prepare intelligence reports and briefs to inform field teams of the Arcadium Investigations Bureau.

The Department will shortly be seeking applications for REMOTE INVESTIGATIONS and global applications will be welcome.


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Most Mysterious Cases

How does it work?

An envelope will arrive at the doorstep or inbox of your choosing containing materials of a Most Mysterious Case and, of course, a mystery that will need to be solved.


In the series…

Chapter One – A Most Mysterious Convention

Chapter Two – A Most Mysterious Cloakroom Discovery


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The Brisbane Chapter

Once upon a time in a little house perched upon a hill, the strangest thing did happen…


Beneath this house, a secret portal was discovered. And then another, and another. These portals became the latest to appear in a long and secret history of the Order of Arcadium.

And so the Brisbane Chapter of Arcadium was founded, guarding access to the realms of Mystery, Magic and Fantasy. Teams of adventurers meet here to attempt to retrieve evidence of these relics and sometimes, just sometimes, are cunning and clever enough to stumble across one for themselves and return it to Arcadium to add to the Collection.


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An amazing experience, definitely not like other escape rooms but truly an experience like no other leaving you feeling enticed in adventure, mystery and the challenges that await.


Being immersed into the experience of the realm and wanting to uncover more of the lore. No tips at all, great as it is.

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Members have access to explore the wide-ranging collection of the Arcadium Archives — with relics and research from the Realms of Arcadium spanning centuries and from across its global chapters.

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