As previously reported, there have been some reports of unnatural detections coming from the Member’s Lounge at the Brisbane Chapter. Most recently, we had to undertake some shuffling of the team at Arcadium after my colleague, Joie, was afflicted with something very curious indeed…


She was recently in the area, although it has recently been closed off for investigation so no one is quite sure why she entered or what she was looking at or for, but when she emerged she was speaking nonsensically but otherwise appeared entirely unharmed! It was not even clear if she was aware that she wasn’t speaking in a way that we could understand – or at least, not in a way that any of my fellow guides or myself could understand. She was quite as confused as she was confusing!


The incident at first was quite striking but after consulting the Archives we recalled Vedilalia Mainesthai or the Zany Affliction; a well-documented affliction that is known to impact all Adventurers that enter the Realm of Fantasy. The Zany Affliction affects all Adventurers that enter the Realm of Fantasy, which results in a particular set of symptoms upon their return through the Portals. First and foremost is that Adventurers become nearly entirely insensible for a period of time speaking only in gibberish. They also become afflicted with a kind of temporary confusion leading to exceedingly quirky behaviour and finally, a kind of amnesia settles in upon the Adventurers such that their adventures into the Realm of Fantasy come to them only as indistinct scenes of a dream.


Whilst it may sound scary, we are assured that it is not. The Zany Affliction has no lasting impacts on the Adventurers and has actually been used to great humorous affect over the years. The quirky behaviour of afflicted adventurers always errs on the side of good-hearted playfulness and does absolutely no harm to either the Adventurers or those that they interact with upon their return. It is suspected that some strong form of ‘elios‘ – the unexplained magic of Arcadium – emanating from the Realm of Fantasy is the source of the affliction.


All of this, of course, leads us to believe that there must be a portal emerging to the Realm of Fantasy somewhere inside the Brisbane Chapter!


Joie was unfortunately affected by the same amnesia that settles on all Adventurers afflicted by Vedilalia Mainesthai and so could not recall any thing of the events in question but she did have with her a note, which she had been adding to and scribbling on immediately after we discovered her skipping and singing quirkily around the Chapter.


We are hopeful that in amongst the nonsense there might be some clue as to what might have happened to her and where she might have stumbled upon the portal to the Realm of Fantasy. I’ve included a copy below in the hopes that one of our Adventurers might be able to make some sense of this mystery…


Stay curious,






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